Gantt charts have been an essential part of daily organizational activities. In fact, the charts primarily help in project and time management software. However, with so many Gantt charts out there, it can be quite baffling at times which would be the best. Hence, we are here to ease the job by listing out the top Gantt chart software tools you should try this year

  1. eResource Scheduler

Making it to the top of the list, the eResource Scheduler emerges as the complete project and resource management solution. The ALL-IN-ONE Gantt chart software includes a super interactive user interface that is easy and convenient. A beautifully color-coded chart with a breezy drag-and-drop feature followed by real-time visibility makes up a complete package. In addition, the software also has other resource management features such as timesheets, financial analytics, and management reports.

  1. TeamGantt

TeamGantt aims to replace desktop-based Gantt charts with a more streamlined and collaborative interface. With a click-and-drag motion, task groups, tasks, and you can easily draw milestones on the timeline. It also lets you establish an expected time budget for work and displays a percentage completion field to reflect task progress.

  1. Instagantt

Instagantt is a Gantt chart plugin for the project management software Asana. Workload management, Progress tracking, and Change tracking are just a few of its main features. It also displays a baseline and a path to help understand current projects.

  1. GanttPRO

GanttPRO provides a tonne of options when making your charts; for instance, templates can save you from having to recall each activity when you need to repeat a project or begin a similar project. Additionally, you'll have tools called Critical Path that tell you how quickly a project can be finished.

  1. ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management application that allows you to save all your tasks, documents, discussions, and goals on a single platform. With the help of your created visual representations, you may manage a complete project, collaborate with your team by labeling them, adding comments to project activities, etc.


A cloud-based program called enables users to build ideal project management tools, including chart apps. Gantt charts are among their most sought tool, which let you link task dependencies and separate project tasks/due dates to produce a clear project plan and roadmap.

  1. Smartsheet

Smartsheet can be the ideal tool if you're seeking a simple way to keep track of your work schedule and deadlines. You may quickly create complex project schedules with easily customizable colors and labels. 

  1. Toggl Plan

The software has a straightforward and enjoyable interactive drag-and-drop user interface. The tool also encourages teamwork by allowing you to plan tasks and work in real-time with other team members.


Selecting an appropriate Gantt chart software can significantly impact the quality and effectiveness of your work. Although numerous tools are available to generate stunning Gantt charts, only a select few stand out as the best-in-class solutions.